9 Sales Mistakes You’re Probably Making: Part 1 — Business Coaching Systems For Selling

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Business Coaching Systems

Many business coaches think of sales as a “dirty word” — an aversion spurred by negative attitudes, poor results, and discouragement. But what’s the root cause of all this negativity?  What makes selling such a huge chore, a frustration, instead of the exciting, money-making activity it can be?

The answer is simple!

You’re making mistakes because you’re “winging it” — and that’s no fun!  🙂

You’ve got no business coaching systems for sales, so you fly by the seat of your pants, unsure of what to say and how to say it in order to get results.  What’s more, you have no idea why your prospects respond to you the way they do (whether it’s positive or negative).

In this three-post blog series, I’m going to share the 9 biggest signs that you’re “winging it” in your business coaching sales process…and teach you how to STOP guessing and START delivering measurable, predictable results in your sales efforts by developing business coaching systems around your selling activity.

SIGN #1. Your Sales Meetings Are Awkward. 

Are your sales meetings (we call them “Complimentary Coaching Sessions”) strained, forced — or worse — adversarial? Does it take a long time for you and your prospects to “warm up” to each other? If you run into this problem on a regular basis, you’re failing to build rapport…and it will cost you. Until you connect with your business coaching prospects on a personal, meaningful level, they will NEVER reveal their high-yield emotional needs. As a result, you won’t know how to present business coaching in a way that resonates with them.

The solution? Before you get into the meat of your discussion, take a facility tour when you first arrive (or, if it’s a virtual session, ask them detailed questions about their business, history, etc.) At first, be nothing but positive and affirming. THEN ask questions about business problems, followed by exploring the emotional impact those problems are creating. Do this wrong, and you’ll come across as uncaring and uninterested. Do it right, and you’ll create a meaningful relationship of trust from the get-go.

SIGN #2. Your Prospects Don’t Seem To Believe That Business Coaching Can Help Them. 

The second sign you’re winging it in your sales meetings is that your prospects don’t seem to believe that business coaching will do much for them. This happens when you fail to connect your prospects’ emotional needs to specific outcomes in their business. Even if you somehow manage to get them to share their hearts with you, if you can’t help them see how business coaching will help them overcome what’s plaguing them, you’re sunk!

The solution? Describe in direct, clear language, HOW your coaching will alleviate the pain points and produce the promised benefits. Do this wrong, and your presentation will be vague and general. Do it right, and your prospect will feel you can deliver coaching guidance that’s custom-tailored to what they really need.

SIGN #3. Your Prospects Seem Confused By The Business Coaching Process. 

It’s not enough to just tell your prospects you can help them solve their problems. You want to help them understand how — and fast. If your clients don’t seem to comprehend what business coaching is and how it works, it’s because you lack a framework to explain how coaching will get your prospects from where they are now to where they want to be.

The solution? Learn or create a framework for explaining your approach to business coaching such as our Silver Bullets systemDo this wrong, and your prospects will fail to catch the vision of what you can do together. Do it right, and they’ll be able to quickly and clearly comprehend what business coaching entails and why it works.

Next time, we’ll talk about three more signs you’re “winging it” in your business coaching sales meetings! In the comments below, sound off on what other common questions or problems you run into and we’ll discuss them together!

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