The Best Way to Find Hot Business Coaching Leads

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Business Coach Training

What’s the best way to find hot business coaching leads?

You know, leads who are ready to buy right now?

Is it painstakingly detailed SEO, researched down to the slightest keyword variation?

Is it an impassioned closing pitch you’ve perfected for that webinar or speaking engagement?

Is it good, old-fashioned shoe leather—knocking on doors or cold calling potential customers until you find one ready to buy?

To tell you the truth, this is a bit of a trick question.

That’s because the best way to find hot, ready-to-buy business coaching leads…

is to make them.

Are You Making This Mistake?

The truth is, one of the worst mistakes you can make as you market your practice is to fall prey to “hot lead syndrome”—the process of constantly looking for and chasing potential clients who need what you’re offering right now.

It sounds rather innocent. What could be wrong with trying to find people who are ready to buy right now? Cuts out all that tire-kicking and waiting until the time is right.

But that misunderstands the nature of business coaching.

Because when you sell a valuable professional service, you need to build up a high degree of trust and credibility with potential clients before they’ll be ready to hire you.

And that doesn’t happen overnight.

What to Do Instead?

Stop looking for a silver bullet or a magic combination of keywords. Recognize that this is a process—one that requires an investment of time and energy.

There’s no magic “hot business coaching” lead generator.

There’s only consistent, day-by-day execution of a marketing plan that will warm cold contacts over time.

(By the way, this is better anyway. It ensures you have a steady stream of warming leads at different stages, as opposed to the “feast or famine” cycle that many coaches are all too familiar with.)

So here’s what you do right now, today, to get the process rolling.

Identify who your ideal clients are. How big is their business? Where are they located geographically? What industry are they in?

Then, focus on adding value to your target market immediately.

You can do this in any number of ways.

  • Send a regular email newsletter of high-value, actionable content.
  • Host webinars or seminars.
  • Share relevant content on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Get invited as a guest on podcasts that serve your target market.
  • Start your own podcast or YouTube channel.
  • Write guest articles in industry magazines.
  • Create blog posts like this one.
  • Write a book or ebook.

Don’t worry if they’re not ready to buy now. Just be sure they’re the type of business you want to work with.

Even if you catch them when they’re first exploring their problems or establishing their goals and aspirations, you will build credibility.

And when they finally do become a hot lead, you’ll be the person they turn to.

Now get out and make it happen!

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