How to Craft a Winning Facebook Strategy For Your Business Coach Marketing

by | Jan 10, 2013 | Business Coach Marketing

One SEO researcher wrote, “If the web is indeed a place, it’s starting to look less like a library, and more like a river.” Social media has radically transformed our approach to business coach marketing in recent years — and as a business coach you’ve gotta jump in with both feet or risk missing the boat entirely. A great place to start is Facebook.

Facebook is actually one of the easier social media platforms to navigate. You simply set up a business page and start suggesting that people like it. But if you want your business to really set sail on Facebook there are a few things you should know:

  1. Target your audience. Facebook is used best as a targeted marketing tool. Facebook has recently made changes to their interface to make this easier than ever. You can set up an audience comprised specifically of the kind of people you want to target and promote your best posts for just a few dollars. This lets you drive highly targeted traffic to a landing page where you can capture email addresses for more marketing. It’s best to host the landing pages directly on Facebook and this is easily done with a service like Leadpages.
  2. Genuinely communicate with your “friends.” When people take the time to “like” your business or leave you a comment on your wall, respond if you can. Social media thrives on the “social” part. You shouldn’t feel obligated to respond to each and every one every single time, but you should treat them like, well, friends.
  3. Quality content is a must! This cannot be overstated. Quality content is a must. You can’t just post random pictures or quotations that don’t mean anything. Make your content relevant, factual, and HELPFUL to your friends.
  4. Consider hiring an expert. Lots of business owners and coaches hire a company or expert to help them map out exactly how to proceed on Facebook. Some even hire Facebook managers to keep up with content and responses. Depending on how big your business is you may not need a manager, but hiring someone to help you launch your strategy is a good idea.
  5. Know your promotions. A lot of business coaches use Facebook to run promotions and this is a great way to build buzz. Be sure that you run promotions that will benefit your business, though. Cheap freebies don’t usually create long-term leads and Facebook has rules regarding sweepstakes, so get educated!

If the internet is a river then social media can be a great boat for your business coaching company to hop into and start navigating. Facebook is an easy place to start and can give you a great return on your business coach marketing investment.

Do you use Facebook to promote your coaching? What have you tried and how has it worked?

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