How to Follow Up with Business Coaching Prospects

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Business Coach Training

Generating leads and business coaching prospects is important–but it’s only half the battle. Once you’ve generated them, it’s time to move them along in your sales process until they sign on the dotted line!

But if you’re like most business coaches, you’re often caught in an endless cycle of follow-up–where you’ve made a promising connection, even set a time and date for a sales appointment–but seem to have a hard time connecting again.

This isn’t unusual: business owners are busy people, just like you.

But if you’re going to turn business coaching prospects into clients, you have to find a way through the follow-up cycle of doom!

So how do you get prospects to keep their sales appointments? Follow this simple five-step process.

Step 1. Send an immediate email

On the same day you make the appointment, shoot them a quick email:

Thanks for talking with me about your business! It sounds like you have an excellent thing going!

I’m looking forward to our phone appointment on DATE at TIME.

Just to summarize, I’ll be prepared to discuss how we can work together to develop [USE THE APPROPRIATE SILVER BULLETS HERE] and anything else that may be helpful to you in achieving your business goals!

Be on the lookout for a packet of introductory material I’ll be sending your way.

Step 2. Send the info packet

Within 24 hours of booking the appointment, send an information packet in the mail that includes:

  • A very brief cover letter confirming your appointment on its designated date and time.
  • A folder branded with your logo.
  • An information sheet about your practice.
  • Your sizzling hot bio.
  • A page of client testimonials and references.
  • Any local/industry articles you’ve found about the benefits of business coaching.

Step 3. Reminder email

On the day before your appointment, send another email:

Just wanted to make sure you got the information packet I sent in the mail. I’m looking forward to our appointment tomorrow at TIME!

Step 4. Make the call

On the day of the appointment, be sure to call about five minutes ahead of schedule. This way, if you have a technical problem or run into some other issue, you’ll have time to correct it before being late.

Step 5. Roll with the punches

What do you do if you’ve done all that–and your business coaching prospect still fails to show?

First, remember: there will always be a percentage of prospects who don’t show up, regardless of how well you’ve used this system.

Immediately after the missed appointment, send another email:

I called you at TIME for our appointment but was unable to reach you. Are you still interested in talking more? Feel free to get back in touch and we’ll reschedule!

If they still don’t respond, follow up relentlessly. Don’t get discouraged. They’re busy business owners, and your professional persistence may be what it takes to break through.

Don't get discouraged. They're busy business owners, and your professional persistence may be what it takes to break through.

Leave two messages per week: once in the morning during the first half of the week and once in the afternoon during the second half of the week. Call daily in between, but don’t leave messages then. Never assume they’re no longer interested until they tell you directly. After all, they owe it to themselves to give themselves the best possible chance at success in business, and you’re modeling for them the kind of accountability and follow-through they need to develop to make it happen.

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