Our Recommended Business Coaching Franchise or Licensing System: Shirlaws

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Business Coaching Franchise

Here at the Coaches’ Coach, we focus heavily on best practices and what works, versus what’s popular.

We don’t sell or promote any business coaching franchises, though we publish a report called The Business Coaching Franchise Buyer’s Guide. For those looking to join a team as opposed to being independent coaches, we recommend only one business coaching franchise or licensing system.

That system is Shirlaws.

Shirlaws impressed us with their commitment to business systems excellence.  Darren Shirlaw, the founder, has consistently delivered high-quality intellectual property and systems. He’s made Shirlaws one of the world’s fastest-growing international business coaching organizations. With a highly experienced team of 40 business coaches throughout Australia, Shirlaws is a leader in the coaching industry and is committed to helping businesses thrive and succeed no matter if they’re small, medium, or large.

From Australia, Shirlaws expanded into New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. In addition, they are also fully operating in Spain, the UAE, and Canada. We’ve heard only glowing feedback from many coaches on Shirlaws due to their commitment to business systems excellence and their professional approach to business improvement and the coaching process. Their online marketing and publishing are top notch and they consistently exceed the thinking of their competitors.

In the first year, new coaches receive up to 40 days training and development, and the strength is in combining Shirlaws’ training with these coaches’ commercial experience. A critical selling point for Shirlaws is their unique intellectual property, in the form of coaching frameworks that enable a consistent client experience. The coaches basically have the freedom to choose their clients and choose their work as they steer the wheel for their own business growth. Coaches also experience a family culture within Shirlaws as national teams, just as the colleagues they work closely with, can be counted on for full support.

So if you’re looking for an awesome business coaching franchise or licensing system that will increase your revenue and improve your bottom line, give Shirlaws a look. With its track record and belief in the power of teamwork, you can be confident you’re getting the kind of system business coaches need to succeed.

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