• Steve Lanning, Director of Client Services, Coaches CoachSteve Lanning started his business coaching career as a consultant in 1975 in starting an agency in 1976 and working with professional services marketers serving management consultants, accountants, attorneys, engineers and more than 175 varieties of coaches and consultants and publishing the Consulting Opportunities Journal (COJ) from downtown Washington, DC with mailing to over 37,000 singleton marketers. This publication was hailed by the media as one of the early foundations to the new ‘singleton markets their services’ movement that began in the early 1970s. He has earned up to $1,500 an hour for giving plenary marketing talks to groups such as the Independent Computer Consultants Association, the National Association of Packaging Consultants, and many others. All his career passion for helping individuals package and market their services started off in 1976 with a ‘how to’ talk to a special gathering of educational professionals at Georgetown University. He founded the Consultants National Resource Center in the late 1970s and worked to build up all types of professional services practices up until the mid-1990s. Steve stated many times that many people have valuable talents and abilities they can sell, they simply need a winning way to package them.

  • Steve sold his proprietary consulting material in the early 1990s and with an attorney-friend the late Hal Wright, founded the National Association of Business Coaches in 1997 (just 12 months after the International Coach Federation was formed) and sold the association in the 2000s to a group that he felt could take the NABC members to their next level professionally. He discovered Eric Dombach and the tremendous Coaches’ Coach system framework shortly afterward and has said that if the NABC would have had the Coaches’ Coach system, he would have never sold NABC!

  • As Steve says, he isn’t fond of ‘wasting time chasing white balls around green grass.’ Thus, in 2015 he and Eric joined forces to benefit the world of business coaches forever and work with eventually thousands of members who learn (and even master) the win-win-win Coaches’ Coach system who will, in turn, help tens of thousands of businesses worldwide to prosper with the system.

Here’s what some of our members have been saying about Steve:

  • “Steve, I have enjoyed knowing you and working with you. You were of great help when I was getting started with Coaches’ Coach by pointing me to the right areas and helping me navigate through the resources. I appreciate your fast response. Whenever I have a question or issue, you go a step beyond and connect me to other coaches with expertise who graciously share their experiences and help me make my decisions. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and help!” — Ganesh Tayi, Business Coach, Washington D.C., USA

  • “Steve Lanning has continuously been a hugely valuable inspiration and source of wise business advice to me working as a business coach in Sweden. Steve is a relentless supporter and mentor in times of self-doubt and tough situations. This I admire tremendously and I am so grateful for.” — Urban Joelsson, Business Coach, Sweden

  • “Steve has an amazing way of keeping me motivated towards my goals as a new business coach. He is always positive with an upbeat personality. As a realist, I greatly appreciate his stories that relate to my new adventures in business coaching.” — Kathy Costa, Business Coach, Florida, USA

  • “Steve Lanning has been such an encouragement to me when I started my coaching practice. He always is positive and goes above and beyond to help me stay targeted and on track. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who has the experience and enthusiasm that Steve has. Just one conversation with Steve will help put you on the right path to making decisions about your coaching career.” — Kae Wagner, Business Coach, Pennsylvania, USA