How a $1,300 Marketing Campaign Turned Into $92,500: Business Coach Training

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Business Coach Training

Hey, coach! You’re in the money-selling business.

What do I mean?

You’re receiving money from your clients and helping them get more money in return.

Every business coaching client you sign up wants just one thing from you: a fast return on their cash so they can buy the things that really matter – peace of mind, good quality employees, more time off, etc. It’s your job to get the business coach training you need to become REALLY good at turning their money into more money — and FAST. If you build your business coaching business around this premise, you’ll be wildly successful as a business coach and you’ll rarely have to worry about where to get the next client to replace the one that just left you.

One great way to help your coaching clients generate FAST cash flow is to use “Informational” offers instead of “Incentive” offers.

Here’s a real-life business coaching case study…

When we started coaching this particular chiropractor a couple years ago, he was using “Incentive” offers rather than “Informational” offers, just like every other chiropractor. Now, everyone knows that to generate leads, you have to make an offer. BUT, look at the offers you see today in almost ANY type of marketing. They’re all “incentive” offers. They’re either:

1) “Here’s my phone number. Please call me and buy what I sell,” or

2) “Here’s a discount when you buy my product or service.”

The key word here is “buy.” Incentive offers like this appeal ONLY to “NOW” buyers. And “NOW” buyers make up less than 1% of prospects who may be considering a purchase. The remaining 99% of prospects are FUTURE buyers and they’re looking for… Information! They’re trying to understand which product or service offers them the most value, and they want information in order to make that decision. And yet, NO one is offering them that kind of information! The business owners that you teach to do this will dominate their competition. PERIOD.

When we started coaching this chiropractor all of his marketing ended with his phone number and a complimentary health exam. This lousey offer was generating just 4 leads per month and 1 new patient every other month, for a total cost of $2,000 per month. This marketing campaign was killing him!

We convinced the doctor to change his offer to an Informational report targeting fibromyalgia sufferers. Of course, the doctor thought we were nutso since there are such a miniscule number of fibromyalgia sufferers in the general population. But we finally convinced him to test the offer. In just 4 days, his new marketing generated 137 highly qualified leads and resulted in 37 new patients paying the doctor $2,500 each for treatment. The total cost of his marketing campaign was $1,300 and the total revenue generated $92,500.

Now THAT’S the difference “Informational” offers can make versus “Incentive” offers!

 And this is just one of many fast-cash-flow strategies that you can learn to deliver as a business coach IF you give yourself to studying the subject with the right business coach training. To learn more, click HERE for our free ebook Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star and enjoy!

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