2 Business Coaching Clients Signed For $1,750 Per Month

by | Oct 1, 2009 | Results

I got the lead from my warm market of referrals. They make medicated skin care products and environmental disinfectants and do about 3 million in sales per year. I contacted the owners a couple of months ago, they were excited and knew they needed some help in growing their business. They cancelled 3 meetings over a 2 month period and I considered giving up on them. On our coaching call, you told me to practice patience (for me being a high D that’s tough). I rebooked another CCS with them. The husband and wife team completed the score card and she actually score 0’s on many of the Silver Bullets. They stressed, argued with each other and then asked “when can we get started.” I pulled out my handy contract and signed them up for a coaching program. I screwed up by not explaining well enough the “double” fee in the first month and had to put out the fire when she got my invoice for $3,500 for coaching and a strategic plan, instead of $1,750 for the coaching alone. I learned a ton, and I know that they will have a huge ROI from our services.

Hey Eric – I just closed my 2nd client into a coaching program and walked away with a $3,500 check! This interior design company has grown and prospered over the years but the owner found herself out of control, working too many hours and without any systems to track her progress. She knows that she needs help and is extremely thankful that she has finally found someone local that can help coach her with her company. She and her husband were very impressed with the system. I could tell in the 3 hour CCS that she feels like she finally has some direction to take her business to the next level and get rid of a huge weight off of her shoulder. I look forward to working with her and her group!


Jason L., Business Coach, USA

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