Schedule Booked Solid and Just Closed First Client Paying $1,500/Month!

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After over a year of trying to build my business coaching practice, I had almost nothing to show for it. Sure, I got some clients and I got some good results for them, but my own revenue and cashflow was inconsistent and unsustainable. I was either coaching for free or practically free, but either way something had to change… FAST.

Well, about 6 weeks ago I saw an email about a group CoachesCoach program Eric was starting later that month. and I decided to click the link, fill out the form, and schedule a strategy call… after all, what could it hurt, right?

Now I’ve been in the program for three weeks, and I am kicking myself for not starting with Eric or his certified CoachesCoach team of coaches. I’ve been in the program for less than three weeks and am busier than I’ve ever been. My schedule has been booked solid 2 ½ weeks out and I just closed my first coaching client for $3,000 upfront and paying $1,500 a month…. In just three weeks!

It’s better than that though… with Eric as my coach, I’m just a text or quick message away from getting answers to all my questions. From the simple questions, like what do I wear on my complimentary coaching session tomorrow morning, or to the more complicated things, like how to get in front of a room full of people who want to talk with me about coaching… I have access to it all.

Plus all of Eric’s experience starting, growing, and selling his coaching practice and helping thousands of people around the world to do the same has been crunched down into a streamlined process, that you can now access, use and implement to achieve time freedom, increased wealth, financial independence, security & consistency of income, and more than anything else, a business you can be proud of… and sell for a profit.

Listen, I am still kicking myself for not starting sooner. I’ve heard it said, “A year from now you will have arrived… the question is where will you arrive.” With Eric’s coaching and the CoachesCoach system, I know I’ll be arriving at $10,000 or $20,000 a month coaching revenue in a few more months.


BANG! Eric Dombach’s CoachesCoach 100% Sales System Delivers again! I’m glad to take the title as 100% closer and thrilled to have put over $32,000 of annual coaching fees in my first full month in the program!

My first appointment had ZERO objections, but I had to get my objection-handling ninja moves out on this call. Thank you, guys! I could not have done it without this group coaching program and especially the awesome training Eric has put together in the MyCoachesCoach membership area.

Don’t wait as long as I did. Really. Get on board with CoachesCoach. Eric and his team of coaches will take you where you’re wanting to go, but you have to make the jump and get started.

David Robertson
CEO and Lead Business Coach
Growthpoint Coaching, Inc.

LinkedIn: David Robertson

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