9 Sales Mistakes You’re Probably Making: Part 2 — Business Coaching Systems For Selling

by | Nov 1, 2015 | Business Coaching Systems

Most business coaches have a love-hate relationship with sales.

They love closing the business coaching gig but hate the process of getting there.

The root cause of all this negativity is simple.

You’re making sales mistakes because you’re “winging it” — and that’s no fun!  🙂

Welcome to the second post in our three-part series on how to identify where you’re making unnecessary sales mistakes because you’re  “winging it” in your business coaching sales process — and the simple steps you can take to use a business coaching systems approach to the sales process. You can find Part 1 here.

Here are 3 more signs that you’re winging it in your sales process and how to fix them.

SIGN #4. You Get Tongue-Tied When You’re Met with Objections. 

Handling objections can be the most difficult part of the sales process. More than any other part, this is when you have to get it right…or your prospect will tune out, disengage, or even get angry. If you find that you have a difficult time handling objections with skill and ease, it’s because you lack a systematic approach to handling them.

The Solution? Learn my three-step process for answering objections to business coaching: AGREE, ASK, ANSWER. You can learn this process from our ebooks and also download our “Business Coaching Objection Buster Cheat Sheet” HEREDo this wrong, and you will lose sale after sale because you fail to adequately address your prospects’ legitimate concerns. Do it right, and you can turn objections into a coaching opportunity that  demonstrates your value and helps your prospects build confidence in your expertise.

SIGN #5. Clients Have a Hard Time Deciding at What Level to Engage You.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve done a good job in the sales process so far: you’ve built rapport, learned your prospect’s core pain points, demonstrated how business coaching can help them solve their problems. You’ve handled their objections, and now they’re ready to sign a contract. However, at the last moment, they either tell you they can’t afford you, or that they have to “think about” the level at which they want to engage your services! This happens because you don’t have clear, easy-to-understand program options.

The solution? Create a variety of coaching levels to offer your prospects. Not everyone will be able to become an inner-circle, platinum-level client…nor do you necessarily want every client to engage you on that level! When you offer coaching levels, you are able to sort your prospects into funnels and products most suited to their specific needs. Do this right, and you will walk away from the vast majority of your sales meetings with at least some new revenue pouring in. Do it wrong, and you will miss out on lucrative opportunities to get people in your pipeline and paying.

SIGN #6. You Don’t Know Why or When You Lose Sales.

Most of the time, when we speak about sales-related conversion rates, we’re talking about one conversion rate for the whole meeting: how many sales meetings do you have…and of them, how many turn into paying business coaching clients? But savvy business coaches know that there are points of conversion within the sales meeting itself, and they track these conversion rates just as religiously as the overall number. Until you do this, you won’t know where the gaps in your sales process are — let alone how to fix them!

The Solution? Understand the key points of conversion within the sales process itself: when you get the prospect to agree to make a decision at the meeting, when you begin discussing their pain points, when you’re met with objections, when you make the case for coaching, when you ask for the sale. Do this wrong, and you will be forever floundering, trying to figure out why prospects say no (or, even, why they say YES!). Do it right, and you will be able to determine with pinpoint accuracy what’s working and what’s not in your sales process…and plug the leaks.

Next time, we’ll talk about the final three signs you’re “winging it” in your business coaching sales meetings. In the comments below, sound off on what other common questions or problems you run into and we’ll discuss them together!

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