I Banked $8,500 Already, A $100,000/Year Run Rate!

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Results

Hey Eric, just wanted to reach out thank you for your help! And also to give you this testimonial. I started working with you a few months ago after selling my first company for $2 Million USD. I knew I wanted to help others by leveraging my experience in building a tech start-up from scratch and selling for an awesome multiple. I had a bunch of ideas and frameworks, but really needed a system and a quality sales process and guidance to help me attract and convert the right kind of clients.

In October and November, I banked $5,500 and $8,500So after just a few months with you, I’m already at a $100,000/year run rate! I banked $9,000 in January and I’ve now got $13,997 sold for February!

My mindset is now transitioning from “How can I cover my living expenses of $250K/year?” to “How do I cover living expenses and generate another $250K of profit?” That would mean I would need revenues of around $600,000 this year. I know you’ve been there and done that, so thanks again for your help. I’m excited to keep climbing!

You do an excellent job of completely answering my questions, strategically and tactically. Thank you for your help on this journey, it’s been instrumental. I couldn’t do it without you – I truly, truly appreciate it!

George Bandarian

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