Should New Business Coaches Barter Their Coaching?

by | Feb 1, 2020 | How to Become a Business Coach

When you’re a beginning business coach, it can feel difficult to land those first few clients.

And they’re really the key to getting off the ground.

Once you’ve got a few success stories…some testimonials you can cite…references or, better yet, referrals from thrilled clients…things begin to jump into high gear.

But building momentum can take time.

Which is why I often recommend that beginning business coaches take on a client or two on a barter basis

It worked for me!

A couple of my early clients didn’t have much cash, but were more than happy to barter with me.

From one client, I bartered some coaching for a nice, big office desk which he made for me during his evenings and weekends. Eventually, as the business grew, they were able to begin paying cash.

From another client, I got a very nice professional business photo. 

More important than the bartered goods and services, be sure to ask your bartering clients for referrals to paying clients.

Additionally, once you’ve added cash flow to their business, ask for an introduction to their accountant, with whom you can build a strategic alliance for even more referrals. 

Why Beginning Business Coaches Should Barter

Most of all, it’s about skill and confidence.

When you’re just starting out, there’s nothing more important than beginning the process of coaching a living, breathing business owner.

Bartering gives you an opportunity to get some wins under your belt, which builds momentum as you continue you meet prospects and market yourself.

As the old sales proverb says, the most confident person wins.

As the old sales proverb says, the most confident person wins.

So, get out there and close some clients! Begin building your confidence and the experience and referrals will begin to flow.

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