How to Boast (Professionally) and Land More Coaching Clients

by | Dec 1, 2019 | How to Become a Business Coach

Years ago, I was talking to a brand new business coach with massive professional credibility. Over his long and illustrious corporate career, he’d run several successful business units over $200 Million in sales with over 100 employees. On top of that, he was a master of all the business disciplines with strong educational credentials and a good family life to boot! Given his tremendous experience and successful life, you’d think he’d be able to land more coaching clients than he had room to accommodate, right?


This guy didn’t have a single client. Not one! Zip, zilch, nada.

It blew my mind. I mean, he was beyond qualified. Talented, personable, experienced. I knew for a fact there wasn’t anything a typical business coaching client could throw at him that he didn’t have the ability to handle with ease!

So what was holding him back?

Well, for whatever reason, he wasn’t sharing this important information with prospective clients!

Needless to say, I gave him the following advice: You need to learn how to boast–professionally, of course–so that you can land more coaching clients.

“The steak is there,” I said. “Let’s make it sizzle!”

You need to learn how to boast--professionally, of course--so that you can land more coaching clients.

How to Craft a Sizzling Hot Bio

A simple template like this will boost your credibility and make your bio sizzle.

My client needed to learn how to brag on himself–and one of the best ways to do that is by creating a piece of marketing collateral that does it for you: what I like to call a sizzling hot bio.

Note: this is NOT a resume or a CV, but a tastefully-designed marketing resource that highlights your professional accomplishments in clear terms that are metrics-based.

(What’s that you say? You don’t have a sizzling hot bio in your marketing toolkit? Good thing you can download a FREE template here, no opt-in required!)

Once I’d shared my template with him, I walked him through the process:

First, I asked him to identify the major periods in his career. This could be companies, job titles, roles, or projects.

Then I instructed him to write 1-2 sentence descriptions of each major period, featuring the #1 accomplishment or high point. This had to be jam-packed with numbers: percentage increases in revenue, profitability, client census, etc.

Next, he needed to add all his educational achievements, professional recognitions, and awards.

Finally, I encouraged him to include a couple of tidbits about his personal life to show he was well-rounded and successful across multiple areas of life, not just business.

A few days later, a dramatically improved bio showed up in my inbox. We put it to work immediately.

Not surprisingly, his marketing results quickly improved–particularly as both he and his telemarketer began to share his sizzling hot bio with prospects. He landed his first client shortly thereafter–and many more since then, I might add.

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