Business Coach Banks $3,500 From New Client

by | Jun 1, 2009 | Results

Big news! I just closed a new client for $1,750 per month and received a check for $3,500 which pays for the first month of coaching and the Strategic Planning process. They’re a bus company wanting to grow and gain market share in this economy. I got the lead back in April from my telemarketing vendor.

Eric Dombach- thank you very much for spending the day with me. It was an awesome learning experience for me! As I think back on the day, here are the key lessons learned: when you discover a problem area, you need to go into specific questions about the application of the relevant Silver Bullets so the prospect can “experience coaching” with you. If the prospect has not talked for a while or you sense potential concerns or questions, check-in with them. Do this every 30 to 60 seconds as needed. Make sure they are engaged! Make sure there are not any unanswered questions prior to proposing coaching.

Eric, having you there to personally watch and participate in a live Complementary Coaching Session and give detailed feedback was invaluable. We all learn from feedback. While classroom is great to get you going, live is perfect to help perfect areas that you may not even know you need help with. I would highly recommend to everyone to take advantage of your coaching! Thanks again for your assistance in helping me attain another client!

Frank N., Business Coach, USA

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