Business Coach Training: A Referral System That Generates 10 Quality Leads Per Meeting

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Business Coach Training

Here’s some business coach training that can land you 10 high-quality business coaching leads in less than an hour…GUARANTEED.

It’s my proven Business Coaching Referral System.

Why are referrals so important?

Well, it’s no secret that one of the best and most leveraged ways to generate leads is through your personal network — people you know. After all, people are more likely to do business with folks they know — or with people who are recommended by a friend or family member.

So your first step is to think of people in your professional network (clients, partners, friends) who know, like, and trust you enough to answer YES to the following question: “I’m expanding my business and I need your help. Could you meet me for breakfast or lunch on Wednesday to discuss how you can help?”

When you sit down with them, ask them to think of people they know who fit your ideal prospect profile. Emphasize that this is a brainstorming session–not simply a request for referrals. As they list names, write them down. Don’t be surprised if there are 15-20 names on the list. Then ask them to list their “top ten.”

Starting with the last name on the list, ask, “What’s wrong with John? Why is he a #10 instead of a #1?” Whatever they say, you reply, “That’s okay. We’ll get rid of him.” Do the same thing with #9…and so on…until they say, “STOP! The rest are good!”

Why do you ask this way? Because suddenly they become an advocate of those names! And they’re willing to introduce you to them. Arrange a time to be introduced to the new referrals. Then let your sales skills take over.

I’ve used this system over and over in my business coaching practice and have always had incredible results with it. So when you need to land new business coaching clients fast, I always recommend you start here first!

For more great marketing tips and tricks like these, download out my ebook, Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock StarOr, if you get stuck or need support in the form of systems and expert help on mastering these skills quickly, then book into a Cash and Clients Strategy Session with one of our certified Coaches’ Coaches who will help you get things rocking in a hurry!

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