Business Coach Training with Rigoberto Acosta, Central America’s #1 Business Coach

by | May 7, 2013 | Business Coach Training

Okay, my friend Rigoberto Acosta runs a million dollar business coaching firm in Mexico and is one of my sharpest students. This business coach training is going to help you big time.

Over the last few years, Rigoberto has gone from being a rookie coach, just learning the business, to now generating more than $100,000 USD PER MONTH in group and one-on-one coaching sales. His biggest pain right now is finding quality associate coaches fast enough to help him handle the demand for his services! Yes, Rigoberto Acosta is truly a legendary business coach.

You’ll get to hear him explain how he’s built his million-dollar firm and specifically what he does to fill his public seminars and convert more than 80% of his attendees into coaching clients for his associate coaches to service.

The whole story.

Yep, Rigoberto is THE #1 COACH IN ALL OF CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. And this interview will help you. Enjoy!

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