Business Coach Training with Kelli Hoskins, Million Dollar Coach

by | May 12, 2013 | Business Coach Training

Yep! This is some business coach training you don’t want to miss: Kelli Hoskins recently sold her coaching business just like I did. In this interview, you’ll hear directly from Kelli on how she followed my ‘5 Step Process for Building a Business Coaching Firm That You Can Sell’ and did exactly that!

You’ll hear the nuts and bolts from Kelli’s perspective on getting her firm ready to sell to her associates. She’ll tell you how she:

•    Sifted through more than 40 prospective coaches to find the 5 that she wanted to join her firm.
•    Structured her contracts with her associate business coaches, her clients, and her employees to protect the value of her soon-to-be-sold firm.
•    Trained her associate coaches to sell coaching contracts on their own.
•    Built her business coaching firm from day one to be an attractive asset that would be attractive to the right buyer.

You can watch the interview video here…

Oh! And in case you haven’t already done so, you can grab a copy of my new book The Million Dollar Business Coaching Firm on Amazon.

It’s the only book in the world for existing coaches that shows them a REAL, EVIDENCE BASED PATH to a coaching firm you can sell for a million dollars (built from scratch in as little as four years).

It’s my life’s work – and I’m proud of it.

We released it on Amazon earlier this year and I can tell you is in all my years helping business coaches I have NEVER seen a reaction like this, so many people wanting the ‘golden nuggets’ I’m sharing. We actually reached #1 in our category within the first 24 hours of it’s release. It was awesome!

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