Business Coach Training: How to Uncover Your Prospects’ Pain Points

by | May 4, 2015 | Business Coach Training

Sometimes converting a warm prospect into a paying client can be painful! Some prospects take every step of the way as if they are walking on a bed of nails. One of the business areas of business coach training you can give yourself to is learning how to uncover your prospects’ “pain points” which helps them understand why they need you.

This is effective because it puts them in touch with the problem for which they need your solution.  As you uncover their specific pain points, you’ll be able to tailor your sales approach to their specific needs, and close more business in the process.

How to identify those pain points? Try these ideas:

Ask them “why” questions. When you ask a yes or no question be prepared to follow-up with a why type question. And don’t be afraid to ask more than one question. The prospect’s answer should help you pinpoint their pain.

Explain what’s in it for them. . . and then watch their reactions. You should always be prepared to explain to a prospect how they will benefit from your services. Remember to watch how they react to your answers to know whether or not you’ve hit their pain point.

Don’t answer questions too quickly. While you should always be prepared with answers to questions, make sure you don’t answer too quickly. Watch how your prospect asks the question and then think for a moment about how to best respond.  If you are always cutting in quickly your prospect will clam up and you won’t get the information you need.

Be a “high self-monitor”. This is a psychology term for someone who reads people well. High self-monitors constantly watch and unobtrusively observe the people around them and unconsciously decode their social and emotional cues and then mirror the behaviors they see. Most self-monitors are born with the ability (it’s a temperament trait) but many of the skills can be learned through observation of yourself and those around you.

Understand your target market. As in all aspects of your business, make sure you have a very strong understanding of your target market. If you are trying to market pink rain boots to construction workers you will have horrible sales. Don’t make similar mistakes with your coaching business. Understand how your client works and what your client needs.

How do you discover your clients’ pain points and hang-ups?

How’s your sales conversion rate? What sales challenges are you working to master in your sales game?

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