Business Coach Training: How to Quadruple Your Sales Efforts

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Business Coach Training

In my last post, I shared several business coaching tools for hiring great sales reps and leveraging them to make your client acquisition task much easier.

Today, I want to share some additional business coach training on how to generate leads online so that the efforts of your sales reps are 400% more efficient.

I recently conducted a study with several of the business coaches who are members of Coaches’ Coach. The goal was to test the impact of a variety of E-Marketing (online marketing) techniques on comparable contact databases to see if the efficacy of their sales reps were improved when making appointment setting calls on their behalf. The results were exciting and better than we expected!

Here’s how I set it up…

I enlisted 10 of our business coaches to participate. All 10 business coaches are members of Coaches’ Coach (Basic or Premium) and purchased a list of small to mid-sized businesses using the same criteria from the same outsourced appointment setting company — so it was an ideal control situation. The telemarketers called the companies on the lists and attempted to set appointments for the business coaches to have “Silver Bullet” calls with business-owner prospects.

We found that coaches using ZERO E-Marketing Tactics to “warm up” their list in advance of the phone-calling got an average of just 0.30 leads per hour, where a “lead” was a booked phone appointment.

On the other hand, coaches using an average of 1 to 5 E-Marketing Tactics to warm the list first got an average of 1.16 leads per hour — an improvement of nearly 400%!

In fact, the top performing business coach implemented a total of 4 E-Marketing tactics with his list. He received an average of 2.44 leads per hour. That’s an 800% improvement over the coaches doing ZERO eMarketing Tactics to warm up their telemarketing list first!

The graph below breaks it down for you (click the image to view it in full size)…

Business Coach Training: How to Quadruple Your Sales Efforts

So what kind of E-Marketing tactics are we talking about?

We’ll discuss these in the weeks ahead, but here’s a quick run-down of the tactics that you can use to warm up your list before you invest the effort of your sales reps calling your list…

  1. Blog and blast – send an email to your list on a weekly or fortnightly basis to read your blog posts
  2. E-books and reports – email your list with offers for free, high-quality e-books, white papers, etc.
  3. E-newsletters – send educational content to your list in the form of a monthly e-newsletter (no blog required)
  4. Email follow-up sequences – send a series of e-coaching emails after an e-book or report download to deliver even more great content
  5. Webinars and teleseminars – take your content delivery to the next level with these free, live educational experiences
  6. Social media channels – email your list and invite them to interact with your communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Bottom line?

There’s no easier way to increase the efficacy of your sales reps and close more business coaching contracts than to build a relationship with your list before your reps start making phone calls. Implementing just a couple of the tactics above can make the efforts of your sales reps at least 400% more effective in most cases!

Learn more about how to use these strategies. Download our FREE e-book, Secrets of a Business Coaching Rockstar, HERE. Enjoy!

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