Business Coach Training: 6 Sales All Business Coaches Make

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Business Coach Training

Donald Trump once said, “Sales and leadership are really the same thing.”

I completely agree.  After all, what’s at the heart of sales?  Gaining commitment.  Helping people buy into your perspective. Getting them to take action on your ideas.

Sounds a lot like leadership to me.

Business coaching is a particular form of leadership that requires the same type of commitment from prospects and clients.  In fact, I often say that even when you’re coaching, you NEVER stop selling (or is that even when you’re selling, you never stop coaching?)!  As part of your business coach training here are the six types of sales successful business coaches must always make:

  1. Sell the prospect into talking with you on the phone.
  2. Sell the prospect into meeting with you, face to face.
  3. Sell the prospect into buying business coaching from you.
  4. Sell your client into changing their ways so their business improves.
  5. Sell your client into paying your fee for next month based on what you’ve helped them achieve in previous months.
  6. Sell the client on how it will benefit them to give you a list of their friends who also need your help.

If you aren’t consciously focused on making these sales on a regular basis, your business coaching practice will struggle.  On the other hand, as you master these six sales, the more effortless your coaching will seem — and the more profitable you’ll become!

To improve your skills, develop simple scripts for each essential sale. Don’t “fly by the seat of your pants” when you know these six situations will come up over and over again — decide in advance what you want to say, and then PRACTICE saying it. If you’re serious about business coach training, then find a coach, colleague, or family member who will role play with you and provide you honest, constructive feedback.  Practice handling objections with ease, clarity, and poise.  There is no substitution for putting in the hard work of perfecting your communication skills and messaging.

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