Business Coaching Client Signs For $2,250 Per Month After Saying “No!”

by | Oct 16, 2008 | Results

I signed a new client last week! So, that’s $2,250 for the first month of coaching and an additional $2,250 for strategic plan. The client is a $5 million market research firm and the owner is a former colleague and he’s putting together four other firms for a merger. We’ll start with the strategic plan for the overall organization and quickly move toward a team day with the four new principals to provide a basis for managing the integration. I also plan to do DISC/PIAV and Team Building System with the total group, a Tactical Marketing Plan, and Employee Acquisition Plan. The client originally gave me a “No” based upon his money situation but I asked him to think about what he had at risk if the integration didn’t go well and how difficult it might be to manage four formerly independent owners were the difference in making this one work out. He decided that coaching will help him through this process. Thanks again for your help in dealing with this one, Eric Dombach. It’s Nice to know that persistence really does pay off. It helps to make those repetitive phone calls.
Good news! I just signed a client I met at a networking event who owns two businesses, a translating business and a new product information guide. The client wants to rework and expand one of her businesses and potentially develop it into a franchise opportunity. We will be working on the Strategic Plan, Employee Acquisition Plan, and a Tactical Marketing Plan for starters. Another coaching program at $1750 per month!

Terry M., Business Coach, USA

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