Business Coaching Practice Rebuilt To $10,000 Per Month POST-Recession

by | May 1, 2009 | Results

In the first few months after starting to work with Eric Dombach, I was able to quickly bring on 6 new clients and take my monthly revenues to over $10,000.  After the dramatic economic downturn in the fall of 2008, my business suffered greatly, but with Eric’s coaching I was able to rebuild my practice to an even more stable position with 7 new clients, and billing even more each month than before the crash!  My practice is now at its best place yet, and continues to be on an upward trajectory.

Eric Dombach has been a tremendous resource to me in growing my own coaching practice.  He has a great deal of knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, especially sales, marketing, and finance, and has brought this acumen, as well as a wealth of real world experiences, to our coaching meetings.  Even more, Eric has a great ability to communicate the large and the very detailed in a way that is easily understandable, and as such, he does an excellent job of helping his clients learn important material so they themselves are grown as business owners.  The process he brings to his clients is very straightforward, and simple to apply.

As my coach, our roles and responsibilities, as well as accountabilities, have always been clear to me as his client.  To Eric Dombach’s credit, he isn’t shy about making sure he and his clients live up to their agreements.  In doing so with me, Eric was able to drive me out of a place of stagnation in my own personal journey, and thereby help me lift my business back to the path we had originally set.  Tough and kind, Eric has an innate understanding and empathy for what small business owners go through, and he applies his own personal story and experiences to his engagements in a manner that aligns him with his clients.  I have found his ability to teach as equally important as his ability to hold me accountable, and it has been through both that I have been able to build a strong practice in less than a year in spite of extraordinary economic circumstances.  He is a powerful teacher who never lets you forget you are the center of your own coaching accomplishments.  I would recommend Eric to anyone who owns their own business, and has goals to reach.  With his help, you can reach far greater heights far more quickly.

Bill K., Business Coach, USA

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