Cash and Clients Strategy Session Request

Congratulations on applying for your 30 days of totally FREE “Cash and Clients” Strategy Sessions — four, 30-minute, unbridled, uncensored, one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our specially trained, certified, and highly qualified Coaches’ Coaches.

As a business coach, you know that the single fastest way to get killer results is by learning directly from someone who has been there, done that. It’s why business coaching is so effective. And because we here at Coaches’ Coach are 100% committed to your success, we want to give you a chance to do exactly that.

Each one of my Coaches’ Coaches has been hand-plucked from my exclusive, personal client database — coaches that I have personally coaches in the profitable use of my business coaching system. These are tried, tested, and proven business coaches with the kind of resumes that would beat the pants off most corporate executives.

They know how to help businesses grow — and how to help business coaches make ridiculous amounts of money.

A certified business coach will contact you, usually within 48 business hours to set up your first one-on-one coaching session.

Just below, you’ll find 2 questionnaires: the first is a checklist for new business coaches and the second one is for business coaches who are already up and running. Download the right one for you and begin filling it out. They’re extensive. Involved. If you’re auditing your existing practice, the process might even be a little bit painful. But don’t you skip a single question.

The truth is, we can usually tell how successful a business coach is going to be based on how thoroughly they fill this questionnaire out. You’ll want to get the completed questionnaire to your coach at least 48 hours BEFORE your first “Cash and Clients” Strategy Session.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this incredible gift and start exploding your business coaching profits today!

For your success,

Eric Dombach
Coaches’ Coach

Business Coaching Questionnaires:
1. New Business Coaching Practice Start-Up Checklist
2. Business Coaching Practice Audit