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by | Mar 1, 2019 | How to Become a Business Coach

In order to become a business coach, your first step is to find or create a business coaching curriculum.

This is a critical key to your success and many beginners overlook it. They think that by simply having expertise, they can jump in and solve business problems for clients.

In fact, failure to present an effective, step-by-step methodology that helps you solve business problems for executives and entrepreneurs in your market will doom your efforts to become a business coach.

On the other hand, going to market with a proven method for increasing revenue and profits will make you the go-to person for entrepreneurs in your community or industry niche.

So what should you do? Finding a business coaching curriculum boils down to essentially three options:

1. Create Your Own Curriculum

If you already have experience as an executive or entrepreneur, you can design your own business coaching curriculum with the hardfought lessons you’ve gained in the real world.

Pros of this approach: This can be the best way to create something truly unique and disruptive in the marketplace.

Cons of this approach: It takes significant time, effort, and money to create a curriculum–perhaps many years and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. In addition, knowing how to do something is one thing, while knowing how to teach others how to do something is another skillset entirely–and the one doesn’t always translate easily to the other.

Bottom line: Use this if you’re a leading 1% thought leader with significant expertise, drive, and resources to launch an international brand.

2. Get Certified or Licensed in Another Methodology

From business coaching franchises to other training models, you can find a business coaching curriculum that will allow you to operate under an existing brand.

Pros of this approach: If you lack executive or entrepreneurial expertise yourself–or aren’t sure how to translate your on-the-ground experience into an actionable training system–this can be one of the fastest ways to get up and running. In addition, if the brand is well-known, it can provide some immediate name recognition.

Cons of this approach: It usually requires a significant ongoing investment (such as a monthly or yearly fee, plus a percentage of sales), and you grow the brand of the licensor as opposed to your own. You are also frequently subject to geographical or other restrictions under this model.

Bottom line: Use this if you lack business experience, are just getting started in business coaching, and/or aren’t sure how to translate your expertise and experience in business to learning for others.

3. Use (and/or Modify) a White-Label System

Find a curriculum that allows you to operate on a white-label basis–in other words, you can use a fully-developed curriculum and apply your own branding, innovations, and market-specific modifications. (Full disclosure: this is what we offer here at the Coaches’ Coach–and though we’ve done our best to ensure our assessment of the pros and cons of each option are as fair as possible, there’s no question we’re biased to this approach for most.)

Pros of this approach: It is significantly more affordable than the license/certification approach and gets you up and running just as quickly. At the same time, you can make your own unique modifications to better serve your clients and build your own brand.

Cons of this approach: While there’s plenty of flexibility in a white label approach to make your own modifications, you aren’t inventing something entirely new out of whole cloth. In addition, you don’t get any name recognition from an established brand (though the value of brands can vary widely, so do your homework).

Bottom line: Use this if you want to build your own brand (as opposed to someone else’s), want a head start in creating your own curriculum, and/or want a comprehensive system without the high cost of certification/licensing options. This can be a good option for beginning, intermediate, and advanced coaches alike.

However you go about it, finding or creating a fantastic business coaching curriculum is crucial to your success as a business coach!

However you go about it, finding or creating a fantastic business coaching curriculum is crucial to your success as a business coach! What else do you need to know about starting a business coaching practice? Check out our FREE ebook, How to Become a Business Coach to find out!

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