First 2 Business Coaching Clients Signed, Including a CPA Firm

by | Feb 1, 2009 | Results

I just got the check! It’s a total of $2,625, which is $1,750 for the first month of coaching plus $875 for the Strategic Planning processI met this principal of a local CPA firm at my BNI meeting on very next day after you taught us the approach of partnering with CPA firms and splitting the coaching fees with clients they bring to us. At the first meeting I positioned us to work together as strategic partners (joint coaching, seminars, referral sharing) though I also wanted a coaching engagement. I went through the Sales Binder thoroughly and she then wanted to set up a meeting with her senior partner who will be transitioning the firm to my client over the next few years. The senior partner was skeptical at first about the amount of money, but by the end of the meeting he was engaged. The thing that really pulled him in was the fact that I could be a resource to them to help their clients when they get questions outside their area of expertise, which they do a lot since CPA’s tend to be the most trusted advisor for most business owner.
I also picked up a commercial printer client this morning at $1,750 per month with the Strategic Planning process spread out over the first 3 months. I walked away with the check for $2,350. I’ve been working on this for a couple of months. I did the original CCS in mid November with the president of the company and I stayed in touch with him monthly. Finally, I was able to get one of the brothers to meet with me and review the program and then I had to repeat the process with the 2nd brother to review the program. Finally, after getting all 3 brothers onboard, I gave them homework to get the process underway! We’ll be focusing on the USP & Guarantee, Sales Management System, Tactical Marketing Plan, and the Break-even Plan. Next time, I think I’ll insist that all the partners be in the room for the first CCS!

Bill M., Business Coach, USA

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