First Business Coaching Client Signed at $1,500 Per Month In Just 3 Weeks!

by | Nov 1, 2009 | Results

I just signed my first client for $1,500 per month! It’s a non-profit beer company. I initially set up a meeting with the owner, a friend of mine, with the intention of getting some good leads and connections as she is extremely well connected with business owners. As she continued to ask questions about the coaching process she stopped and said, “As I’m thinking about how to help you in your new business it’s clear to me that the best way is for me to become your first client so I can tell everyone how great you are.” How unexpected, but thoroughly thrilling! I couldn’t have asked for a better client as she is looking to expand the distribution of her beer into the mid-west and add another product line. So, we’re definitely going to have some fun.  And to make this even more rewarding all of the profits go to charities that help the working poor, children and homeless.

Buffie B., Business Coach, USA

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