First Business Coaching Client Signed In Just 6 Weeks!

by | Jul 8, 2009 | Results

I have been working the system for 6 weeks under the guidance of Eric Dombach. The coaching calls are necessary for accountability, business process questions, real teaching moments and creating doable plans and course corrections to continue marketing my new business. Eric (The Yoda of Business Coaching!) coaches me on a weekly basis for 30 minutes. He provides an extraordinarily high degree of accountability and expectations and he will not settle for sub-par performance. He is simultaneously approachable and a valuable resource for solutions and recommendations.

I’m happy to say that I just completed my third Complementary Coaching Session with a prospect and walked away with a check for $3,000. My new client buys, reconditions and sells large industrial plant equipment such as air handlers, chillers, boilers, manufacturing assembly lines. The business is three years old and profitable but growth is stagnant. Initial diagnosis indicated that my client has reached his capacity to grow the business because he feels he has to do everything. He verbalized his real problem: “I cannot do it all alone. I have to learn to delegate and manage the business and not be involved in every single transaction the business conducts.”

For me, your coaching helps me remember I am not in this game alone. Others with experience are available to answer questions and brainstorm solutions to problems that come up. The coaching process is not always pain free but very necessary to succeed!

Bob K., Business Coach, USA

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