First Client Closed At £750 Per Month Within 24 Hours!

by | Aug 3, 2012 | Results

I just got back from the (far) North East and am pleased to report that I’ve signed an agreement with a client and he gave me a cheque! That was a little under 24 hours after my first coaching session with Eric Dombach – not sure if that represents a record?  (-:

I’ve been a Franchisee of a Business Coaching Franchise now for a few months and had rapidly become disenchanted due partly to a complete absence of promised leads (which either means they aren’t bothered or their system doesn’t work!) as well as a most unconstructive attitude on their part.

So I turned to Eric Dombach for help. After my first coaching session with Eric, I completely changed my planned approach to a Complimentary Coaching Session that I already had booked. I could immediately see a huge difference in approach between Eric and the Franchise and so, despite the limited time available, I decided to change my pitch and so I stayed up half the evening getting my material ready. The next day I drove the good distance to the client’s premises and Eric was with me (Eric was on an MP3 player of course) and it’s fair to say that the suggested approach had the client eating from my hand and eager to sign up way before I tried to close. The outcome was my first client at £750 a month for 3 months rising to £1100 a month and I took a signed agreement and cheque away with me. The client signed less than 24 hours after my first coaching session which Eric Dombach assures me could well be a record!

I’d conducted Complimentary Coaching Session’s before and always ended up with a “Let me think about it” but Eric Dombach showed me why this was likely to be occurring in his coaching session and I’m now raring to go ahead with his lead generation strategies. The difference between Eric and the Franchise as I see it at this stage is that he’s actually been there and done it and not just read the book.

Mike A., Business Coach, England

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