Four Steps to an Effective Business Coaching Session

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Business Coach Training

How do you run a business coaching session in 45 minutes or less that provides real value to your clients, helps them move forward, and leaves them with clear, actionable takeaways?

Follow my four-step process and create more effective business coaching sessions, every time.

Step 1. Client Prework

The building blocks of an effective business coaching session happen before you jump on the call. In your shared coaching document (you can get access to our template inside our membership area), require your client to update their latest KPIs, #1 challenge, hot topics, and whether or not they completed their goals for the week at least 24 hours before your coaching session starts. This allows you to dig into the meat of your coaching session immediately, without needing to spend precious time playing catch-up.

Step 2. Coach Review

Similarly, you need to review the coaching document before you begin. Ask yourself these questions in preparation:

  • How was my client’s week?
  • What do I expect their emotional state to be like in our session? How will I help them?
  • Did my client complete their goals? If not, how will I help them?
  • In what areas do they need additional awareness?
  • In what areas do they need additional education?
  • In what areas do they need to be held accountable?

Write down any notes, questions, or insights that you want to be sure to raise during the session. Remember, your job as a coach is to hold them accountable to the goals you’ve set together and to help facilitate their growth.

Remember, your job as a coach is to hold them accountable to the goals you've set together and to help facilitate their growth.

Step 3. During the Coaching Session, Identify and Fill in Goals

Share your screen over Zoom (or whatever video conferencing platform you’re using), and fill in the next week’s goals in real-time, as you agree on them together. This ensures that both of you are clear on what is expected for the coming week.

Step 4. Ask for Their #1 Takeaway

At the end of the session, ask your client to articulate the number one thing they learned from the coaching call. Again, this solidifies their learning and helps you both see and articulate the value your client is receiving from coaching. On weeks there is an especially impressive takeaway or breakthrough, ask them if they’d be willing to share a testimonial about their experience. I also like to encourage them to keep a “Wins Journal,” and so when they experience one, make sure they write it down.

Respect Everyone’s Time

This isn’t a “step” so much as it is a commitment, but whatever you do, be sure to respect everyone’s time. Both you and your client should:

  1. Come to the session well-prepared.
  2. Show up on time (I like showing up a couple of minutes early).
  3. End the call on time.

Do this, and your coaching sessions will be more effective, efficient, and value-packed for clients–which will lead to longer coaching engagements and better results for both you and your clients!

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