Get 100% Conversion on Your Business Coaching Sales Meetings

by | Oct 2, 2016 | Business Coach Training

Have you ever had a month with a 100% conversion rate on your business coaching sales meetings?

I have. And some of my business coach students have, too.

That’s because they know my 17-step process for business coaching sales meetings — what I call my 100% Sales Process–so named because those are literally the kinds of results it produces.

Case in point: not too long ago, one of my UK-based coaches brought on three new clients for a total of £2100 in new, recurring monthly revenue (at today’s exchange rate, that’s about $2785 USD). To get them on-board, he did three Complimentary Coaching Sessions (CCS’s).

Three CCS’s, three new clients.

That’s 100%. You gotta love it!

Wondering how you, too, can achieve a sick-awesome conversion rate in your business coaching sales meetings?

Then remember: like anything in business, success in sales comes from developing and refining a system.

When I first started out as a business coaching franchisee in 2001, no one had developed a truly systematic approach for conducting business coaching sales meetings with prospects. We all had to figure it out for ourselves.

I began calling my business coaching sales meetings “Complimentary Coaching Sessions” back in 2003, because I discovered the more attractive label generated better response. That’s because it communicates that real value is being delivered for FREE to the business owner. You must begin the relationship by adding value; only then can you expect the business owner to want to you as a coach.

Lots of sales gurus have developed sales processes that can be adapted, modified, and customized to bring some structure and discipline to your CCS’s. I know businesses coaches who use various systems as a conceptual architecture for their sales meetings. Maybe you’ve heard of some of them:

  • Spin Selling by Neil Rackham — a 4-stage process
  • Action Selling by Duane Sparks (no relation to ActionCoach) — a 9-stage process
  • Sell it Today, Sell it Now by Tom Hopkins — a 20-stage sales process

All of the sales processes are good and I know business coaches who have achieved great success in selling business coaching by using and adapting one or more of these systems to their own sales process.

In my business, as I studied and tested various processes, I ended up developing a 17-stage sales process that derives from the Hopkins’ 20-stage system. I tested and refined this process over (literally) several hundred of my own CCS’s. And now, I’ve been teaching it to my students for years with resounding success.

Here are my 17 steps of the “100% Sales Process” for conducting Complimentary Coaching Sessions that close:

  1. PACK well — bring your sales binder and audio recorder so you can evaluate yourself later
  2. PREPARE yourself — do your affirmations in the car on the way and get emotionally charged up
  3. PROPRIETY in everything — look, smell, and dress the part of a professional; how’s your breath?
  4. PREMISE tour — build rapport by complimenting everything you can as they show you around
  5. PERSONALITY, please — adapt your personality style to their observable DISC style
  6. PURPOSE statement — after the tour, sit down and explain exactly what’s going to happen
  7. PACT removal — preempt the “I want to think about it” or “gotta talk about it with my partner”
  8. PROFILE review — establish your credibility by reviewing your hot bio with the client
  9. PRICE preview — briefly introduce your services and prices to avoid sticker shock at the end
  10. POSITION your value — explain why you’re worth the money; share client testimonials
  11. PROBLEM and PAIN exploration — explore their most obvious issues around Time, Team, and Money
  12. PRESENT the Silver Bullets — explain at least three of the Silver Bullets as solutions to the issues
  13. PROPOSE coaching — get agreement that coaching with you will solve their problems and pain
  14. PROGRAM agreement — walk them through your agreement and position the relationship
  15. PRODUCT choice — let them choose which of your coaching programs they want to invest in
  16. PROFIT EQUATION demo — use this process to demonstrate the ROI they’ll get through coaching
  17. PRONTO — get them started on their first assignments and readings right away

Having trained and coached more than 1500 coaches over the last 15 years, I can tell you that the most critical steps above — and yet the most neglected — are #6 (Purpose Statement) and #16 (Profit Equation). Skip either of these and you’re most certainly leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

For detailed training on this system, get a FREE 30-day trial inside the Coaches’ Coach business portal and make your first 100% conversion month a reality!

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