Gratitude: An Overlooked Business Coaching Success Secret

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Business Coach Training

It’s Thanksgiving time in the United States, one of my very favorite holidays. Around this time every year, my heart just fills with gratitude–for my family, friends, a profession that allows me the time and resources to enjoy them…and of course all our clients, contacts, and colleagues at the Coaches’ Coach. And actually, gratitude is one of the world’s best-kept business coaching success secrets.

You see, gratitude creates success and satisfaction in every area of your life–even when things aren’t going as well as you’d like. That’s because gratitude orients you in what is positive. It sharpens your focus on what you have…keeps you motivated and upbeat…and that empowers you to be proactive instead of reactive, to operate out of hope instead of fear.

(And with all the chaos swirling around us, the ability to operate out of hope instead of fear is an extremely valuable skill!)

After all, anyone who has ever achieved greatness in any endeavor has done it, not by protecting themselves from what they don’t want, but by pursuing with passion and energy that which they do.

A Gratitude Exercise for Business Coaching Success

So if I could make one recommendation: this Thanksgiving, take some time to really reflect on what is right in your life. Put aside the problems for a moment–clients who aren’t progressing, trouble in your personal life, financial or health difficulties–and ground yourself in the blessings you’ve been given and the success you’ve already achieved.

Do this little exercise that really gets my “gratitude muscles” working: make a list of the top 20 things you’re thankful for. Usually by the time I get about halfway through I have to stop and just take in the joy!

Just for one day, don’t think about what you could do to “improve.” Don’t make goals and forecasts for future growth. That’s important too, of course…but give yourself an opportunity to truly bask in everything you’ve got, right now, to enjoy.

Just for one day, don't think about what you could do to "improve." Don't make goals and forecasts for future growth. That's important too, of course...but give yourself an opportunity to truly bask in everything you've got, right now, to enjoy.

I guarantee that you’ll wake up the next morning with more clarity, drive, and passion for life and the work you have to do. 

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Coaches’ Coach!

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