How Business Coaches Can Avoid Overwhelm

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Business Coach Training

A lot of the questions people have been sending me recently all relate to one common question: how business coaches can avoid overwhelm–particularly when it comes to marketing.

To be honest, people like me don’t always help. We constantly send you new ideas and promote different tactics. All very useful in its place, but if you’re already struggling to keep up, hearing that podcasting is the next big thing or that writing a book builds credibility or a that a new web page system make it easy for you to build your own landing pages; well, it just adds to the overwhelm.

There are two ways you can overcome this problem.

The first is to cut yourself off from the world. Unsubscribe from emails like mine, don’t go on any training courses or buy any new products for a few years. Just get your head down and concentrate on getting the most from the marketing you’re already doing.

I’m not kidding, by the way, that isn’t just an “Aunt Sally” option. I think it’s a very viable and sensible one for many people. Especially those who have a tendency to be distracted.

Avoid Overwhelm as a Business Coach by Doing What Pep Guardiola Does

The other approach is to do what successful football managers do.

Great managers build a side around a system they want to play, then buy the right players to play in that system. Barcelona’s “Tiki-Taka” under Pep Guardiola for example.

If your system and team are geared up to play an intricate passing style, there’s no point in buying a big, bustling centre forward who thrives on long balls and crosses, no matter how good he is individually. Fernando Torres never seemed to fit at Chelsea. And let’s not talk about Andy Carrol at Liverpool where they bought him and then avoided playing with any wingers who could supply him with crosses.

Sure, you may adjust your system a bit to incorporate a brilliant new player. But you won’t change it wholesale, and you won’t buy that player unless he fits pretty well with the system.

Apply that same philosophy to your marketing.

It’s great to look at new tools and approaches. But only bring on board the ones that fit well within your overall system.

Positioning yourself as a leading expert in your field? Stick to books, articles, videos and public speaking rather than jumping into Facebook Ads just because someone else has just made a killing with them.

Looking to build more “passive income”? Don’t get distracted by that course on selling high-value coaching programs.

And if you buy a new player, you probably need to sell one too. There’s only so much room in your squad. Have a policy of adding in new tactics only if they can give you better results than existing ones you can then drop.

Keeping tight control and sticking to things which fit with your overall system is key to making sure you don’t get distracted and overwhelmed by all the shiny new objects being thrown at you these days.

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