How Should Business Coaches Respond to Brexit?

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Business Coach Training

“What does the Brexit vote mean and how should business coaches respond to Brexit?”

This is the question I found myself asking on the morning after the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. I’m sure that many other coaches here in the UK and across the world were also considering the same question.

As I reflected on the question, the answer came instantly: look for the opportunities.

In the period leading up to the critical vote, the mood was one of uncertainty for both clients and coaches. Business owners were concerned about the order book, imports and exports, and access to capital. Coaches were worried about another recession, particularly when most of their clients were still weak and recovering from the last eight years!

Even now that the Brexit vote is confirmed, the media still insist on whipping up hysteria related to “destructive” uncertainty. But Brexit or no, the one thing we can all guarantee, without exception, is that change is the only constant.

And that’s the opportunity for business coaches.

Helping Clients Cope with Change

As coaches, the most significant thing we do is help our clients cope with change. We do this all the time. We’re already skilled at helping them deal with changes in team, money, and time. Well, now we can help them deal with the fallout of Brexit. Brexit gives us a massive opportunity to show our clients and prospects how to keep their heads and soldier on while the media spin a narrative of chaos and hopelessness.

It’s time to review our sales messages and Silver Bullets. Most importantly, it’s time to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and show that we understand their concerns about Brexit—and what to do about it. We need to keep on top of the markets and other business trends and news. We must consider the impacts on our existing clients and suggest additional planning sessions to confront the new reality.

How Business Coaches Should Respond to Brexit

As a coach in the UK, I’m excited to help businesses respond to Brexit. Let’s make it a point to spread hope instead of fear. Let’s demonstrate to our clients that we can adapt to any situation, wherever in the world they work. Let’s lead and be seen as a steady resource of certainty in extremely uncertain times. Let’s grasp the opportunity ahead of us and shout from the rooftops that we are here to guide businesses through these troubled waters.

Every coach has an opportunity to quickly set themselves ahead of the competition by delivering a powerful sales message of hope, competence, and that with their coaching businesses can also make the most of the opportunities ahead.

What will your message be and how will you make an outstanding impact on businesses in the wake of Brexit?

Simon Meadows is the founder and owner of Sterling Business Coaching and a Certified Coaches’ Coach. He has more than 22 years of experience in business coaching, team performance management, and mentoring business coaches. He delivers impressive results when helping new business coaches get started using the Coaches’ Coach system, helping his business coach clients generate $100,000-$240,000 per year. Request a FREE Cash and Clients Strategy Session with Simon today.

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