I Landed Client Number Two for £1,499 per Month!

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Results

Hi Eric! I did a Complimentary Coaching Session this afternoon with several family members and I landed client number 2 for £1,499 per month and I’m really, really pleased! I have another CCS tomorrow morning.

The Profit Equation was a lot of fun as I got the family members to work through it. They basically do some unique products and are looking to increase sales on the manufacturing side. They are also in the process of having an e-commerce website built to try and sell the products on-line.

After spending about 6 weeks learning your business coaching sales system from scratch I started to get a little bit anxious about getting out and trying to put it into practice. Thankfully, I decided to follow the sales process exactly as you teach and it really works! I have managed to convert 2 out of 3 CCS’s so far and this has given me so much confidence for the New Year 2016! Thanks, Eric!

Angelina Bell, Business Coach, UK

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