Is This the Life You Really Want?

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Business Coach Training

Have you every been to one of these live events where everyone fawns over the most popular speaker that “wows” the audience with his or her dash-and-flash from the stage?

My friend Karl Bryan shared some interesting commentary on these media influencers recently…

Yes, they appear uber-impressive.

But here’s the life these event speakers actually live:

Pack bags.

Kiss kids and spouse goodbye.

Leave home with bags and jump into taxi.


Airport lineups and security.

Airport food.

Wait for flight in uncomfortable seat.

Line up to board.

Flight to first layover destination–no first class available, dude snoring next to you.

Wait to exit airplane.

Two-hour gap between flights.

More airport food.

Take a quick social media post on “winning” (be sure to use that crazy Charlie Sheen voice with the quote, “Dying is for amateurs”), making out like everything is totally off the charts, amazing in the video.

Wait for flight in another uncomfortable seat.

Line up to board final flight to destination.

Flight to final city.

Wait to exit airplane while dealing with some serious silent-but-deadly gas going on from someone up-wind of you.

Baggage claim for 30 minutes.

Jump in another taxi.

Lug bags to hotel room.

Unpack and iron clothes for tomorrow.

Crawl into hard bed (alone) with bad pillows.

Wake up.

Find conference room.

Create another social media video on “winning.”

See some “fans” and take some pics.

Wait to go on stage (they’re always running late).

Perform the same stale speech with more video testimonials than actual content…

Close and ask people to buy.

Count “time for money” cash (minus the 50% the organizer takes off the top, plus the costs of flight, hotel, taxi, dinner, drinks, etc.).

Say goodbye and take more pics and “winning” vids for social media.

Now repeat the whole process to get home.

Or, if you’re a really good influencer, continue on for a three- to ten-event tour.

Give Yourself a Better Life

Next time you see the Influencer on social media or on stage, ask yourself: “Is that really what I want? Is this really the right person I should aspire to be?”

Your mileage may vary, but as far as my answer?


Said otherwise: Going the wrong direction enthusiastically is not a great idea.

Going the wrong direction enthusiastically is not a great idea.

Ask yourself: what life do you really want?

What actually matters?

Don’t get caught up in the fake flash of social media influencers.

I learned how to make $500,000 a year as a business coach at home with a phone, Zoom, passion, and some mojo–and I haven’t looked back since.

You can too.

What’s it gonna be, coach?

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