I Closed 6 Clients, A Total Of $9,900/Month Within 30 Days!

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Results

Eric, your program is amazing! I love it and it completely helped me pivot my business. Thank you!
I had been a business owner for many years and co-own a consultancy that I worked part-time while balancing my full-time employment. I was always scared to take the final leap into working as an entrepreneur full-time. I’ve held several executive positions at both large multinational corporations and small companies where I was responsible for directing and coaching sales departments that amassed huge revenue growth. Due to COVID, I felt like this was the moment to take that leap and focus on my business full-time. 

While I had previously incorporated business coaching in my consulting practice, I didn’t have a structured coaching framework. I was unsure how to get started, what was realistic to charge, how to win and retain clients, and how to scale my coaching business. I also knew I needed a well-defined system to consistently generate coaching leads, uncover opportunities and win clients. I was looking for a program that would not only provide tips, tools and templates, but would also give me access to my own coach and an opportunity to connect with others who were learning and growing.

Originally, my goal was to close 2 clients in my first month and make $250,000 in my first year. I’ve used the program exactly as created and have seen tremendous results. Prior to starting the RSCP (Coaches’ Coach Rockstar Coaching Program), I was averaging gaining 1 new client every 30-45 days. Through this program, I have closed 6 new clients bringing in $9,900 in less than 30 days of starting and I am steadily building a pipeline that will ensure a continual pattern of revenue and profit growth for my company. It’s very clear that I’ll surpass my $250,000 goal, and I couldn’t be happier!

I had no idea how much I needed the accountability piece that the program provides. Through the RSCP, I receive group coaching and one-on-one coaching. It’s a system that helps to keep you on track of your goals. Additionally, the program has provided me with templates, tools, and videos that completely lay out every aspect of the coaching business. I learned the best way to get started, how to generate leads, how to successfully get referrals and create profitable joint partnerships, how to use social media marketing, when and how to apply outsourced telemarketing and what scripts to use, how to actually coach and retain my clients, and so much more. 

I have been delighted and surprised by how attentive leadership and the certified coaches have been. Whenever I have had a question or just needed to get some ideas, I’ve received near-immediate responses, even on weekends and holidays! I have been floored by how much I feel like the leaders of this program care about our individual businesses and success. Too many programs say that “your success is our success,” but with the RSCP, it’s not just rhetoric.

It is extremely important to have a tested and successful framework, support and an already successful coach helping you reach your goals. In my mind, investing in the RSCP is a no brainer! It is the number one investment any serious business coach should make if they want rapid and sustainable results. It’s worth it. Your business is worth it. You are worth it!”

Sabrina Reneé Kinckle

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