Last 12 months have revenue of $300k+ while taking a quarter of the year off

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Results

I re-launched about 18 months ago and in the last 12 months have revenue of $300k+ while taking a quarter of the year off. I have a mix that works for me which is about 50% travel and 50% remote with 50% of the business as business consulting and 50% as business coaching. Though its hard to really tease those apart as coaching is imbedded in the consulting. My niche is operations leveraging the Coaches’ Coach silver bullets with my own slant based on my background with GE. I also use the silver bullets for leadership/development coaching. My biggest deal this year was the $8 Billion family owned business we discussed. My clients over the last twelve months have ranged from start up executive coaches to multi-billion dollar clients. I also run a master mind for female executives. I have had clients come to me this year from networking, a joint venture and social media. The Coaches’ Coach system is a big part of my business and has helped me accelerate growth. For any new business coach, the Coaches’ Coach is a must and should be a big part of how you go to market. Bottom line is — I am focused on operations consulting and leadership coaching and I heavily rely on the silver bullets.

Don Vanpool
CEO and Founder, OptaProfit

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