Market Your Business Coaching Practice without Hype

by | Jul 31, 2017 | How to Become a Business Coach

Whether you’re looking to become a business coach or already have a thriving practice, I believe firmly that you should market your business coaching practice without hype. In fact, I wrote an article to that effect a little while ago.

The article made the staggeringly obvious but often overlooked point that if you don’t feel comfortable using hype or exaggeration in your marketing (and you shouldn’t), then the best way to avoid it is to target clients who don’t respond to it.

Because, let’s be honest, some people do respond to hype. They fall for exaggerated claims and get rich overnight stories.

You’ll drive yourself mad trying to win those sort of people as clients. You’ll either do honest, realistic marketing and they’ll go elsewhere to others prepared to promise them riches.

Or you’ll swallow your principles, make ridiculous claims, then feel bad about it when they don’t do as well as you’d promised.

It’s a lose-lose situation. But there’s no way around it with those sorts of clients.

You Get the Clients Your Marketing Deserves

Best to target experienced, realistic clients. Ones who can spot hype and unrealistic claims.

The same goes for other things you’re looking for in your clients.

Want clients who care about more than money? Then talk about more than money in your marketing. Be brave enough to say what you believe in and turn away those who don’t share your values. Do your marketing well enough and there’ll be plenty who do.

Obvious really: you get the clients your marketing deserves.

But it’s often tricky to drag yourself away from copycat marketing. Marketing the same way your competitors do because you think they’re doing better than you.

Marketing the way the “gurus” tell you to market because, well, they’re the “gurus.”

But their clients aren’t your clients. You need to market in a way that will work for your clients, not theirs. And the best way to do that is to market your business coaching practice without hype.

You’ll find some of those methods in Momentum Club. Others you can discover by trying something different and seeing whether it works. Or seeing what marketing from other fields works with your ideal clients.

But don’t just copy hypey marketing because it seems to be working for others. Most likely it’ll fail for you.

Worst case: it’ll work and bring you absolutely the wrong sort of clients.

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