Marriage Revived Using Vision Book Coaching Exercise

by | Jan 5, 2011 | Results

Just before Christmas 2010 I took part in a webinar held by Eric Dombach, as did some of my clients. During this webinar I was reminded of the Vision Book, its format and its purpose. I downloaded the sample vision book and set myself a goal of completing this after the break. My wife and I had a Christmas that worse than we could imagine. The stress of all this laid heavy on us both, particularly my wife. The eruption of this stress resulted in my wife walking out of the family home, seeing no way out of the hole she perceived we were in. The home, our relationship, and family rifts were just overwhelming her and she could see no enjoyment and happiness in her life at that point or in the future. I must admit I also questioned the life pathway we were journeying.

I decided to turn to the Vision Book, my gratitude and my faith. I started working one evening on OUR Vision Book. Once completed I invited my wife to sit down and go through it. Reluctantly, but thankfully, she agreed. The words and more importantly the visuals of our vision, what we had, what potential we had in front of us, the actions we would take – all of this together, was incredible. We spent six hours chatting about the book. Our purpose, our life, our gratitude and our faith in our relationship was clearly illustrated and reinforced by the Vision Book. The Vision Book re-inspired our relationship and set forward a clarity that had been missing for many years. The actions we have now taken have strengthened our marriage, introduced enjoyment from our home and improved our daily lives. My wife hadn’t spoken to her sister for over two years. One of our actions, in the book, was to visit this estranged sister. It started with a telephone call by my wife. We have now visited her sister and the day after this her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My wife is now supporting her sister and niece through this process and the love between them is amazing to see. None of this would have been possible without the vision and subsequent action!

Completing the Vision Book enabled me to see the importance of our relationship, of following through actions which are clear and have a purpose, and to inspire passion and vision for the future, together. We review our book weekly and ensure that we take maximum benefit from its contents.

Simon M., Business Coach, England

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