New Business Coaching Client Signed By Working Collaborating With Existing Consultant

by | Jan 1, 2009 | Results

I signed up a new client last Friday for a coaching program and strategic plan. He wrote me a check for $4,500 when he signed the agreement. The client was a referral from one of my networking contacts. Six weeks ago, I held a call with him and at the end of the call he told me he didn’t need a coach because he was working with a marketing consultant and that’s all he needs. So, no Complimentary Coaching Session! As it turns out, the marketing consultant is one of my networking contacts so I called him and discussed the client’s situation and we agreed that there was room for both of us. The marketing consultant recommended me to the client and the rest is history. I got two lessons out of this: (1) never let a “no” discourage you. In this case following up with another consultant turned the consultant into a strategic ally. (2) Listen to the client and be flexible in meeting his needs including his time and financial needs.

Mike B., Business Coach, USA

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