New Record: John’s First $40,000 Month Ever!

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Results

In August of 2018, John Nieuwenburg banked $30,000 in business coaching fees for the first time ever since his career as a business coach began in 2004. And in March of this year, just 7 months later, he’s hit a new record of more than $40,000 in business coaching fees in a month. This is truly rare, as very few coaches break the $40k mark.

“First time at this threshold,” John said in an excited email to me with these results.

Now I’m sure you want to learn just how he did it. For starters, check out our earlier post from when he broke his first record of $30,000! Want more specific coaching? Talk to the man himself here!

Welcome to the elite of the elite, John!

Want help with this? Reach out to John here!

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