Overcome Objections to Business Coaching

by | May 1, 2018 | Business Coach Training

Ever hear any of these objections to business coaching?

1. We get calls like this all the time.
2. Everything’s going just fine, thanks.
3. I’m too busy.
4. I’m not interested.
5. I worked with a consultant before who ______.
6. I’m too small.
7. How will you do that?
8. What can you possibly teach me about the ______ industry?
9. This all sounds great, but I have no money!
10. Send me some information.

Fortunately, I have a simple three-step process to help you diffuse the sales pressure and get back into a real conversation about how you can help.

3 Objection-Busting Steps

First, agree. This diffuses pressure and sets up a complementary, as opposed to confrontational, exchange. Let’s say your prospect tells you she’s “too tired” for business coaching. You might respond, “Wow, I can definitely understand that.  I’m sure you are very tired, given everything you’ve just described in your business! It takes a lot of courage to keep going like you are each day. Well done!” NOTE: it’s critical that you mean this sincerely when you say it, otherwise you will come across as patronizing and condescending. Remember, objection responses aren’t manipulation techniques; they’re communication skills that will help you coach more people, more effectively.

Remember, objection responses aren't manipulation techniques; they're communication skills that will help you coach more people, more effectively.

Next, answer. Say something productive that will help her shift her focus away from the objection and back to her objectives. “You know I’ve noticed that lots of business owners become so busy and exhausted that they have no energy to actually change the very things that are wearing them out.”

Finally, ask. Put the conversation back on her. This is especially effective because she’ll feel like you’ve just given her control of the conversation…when in reality you’re the one guiding it. Say, “So, tell me–what kind of plan do have in place to get control of all these things so that your business doesn’t keep running you ragged?” This refocuses her back on her pain points and keeps the conversation moving toward the truth of what she’s really struggling with (and what you need to do to really help her).

What Should You Do if You Botch it in the Moment?

We’ve all had experiences where a prospect hit us with an objection to business coaching we weren’t expecting–and we botched the response. Is the sale salvageable? Of course. It’s less likely to close than if you’d dealt with it effectively in the heat of the moment, but here’s what you can do if it happens to you…

Call the prospect back and say, “You know, I was thinking about how tired you are and I’ve been thinking about a couple ideas to help you get control of your business and get you out of this grind.” Then set up another session. Coach the prospect through the concern. Provide real, quality value. Show them very practically how you will help if they engage you as a coach.

It’s critical that you set up this follow-up meeting before they come back with their decision because the instant they say “no,” you’re done.

So–what have you done to work around this particular objection? Share your feedback in the comments area below!

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