Personal Record Broken for Highest Paying Business Coaching Engagement At $3,100 Per Month!

by | Apr 1, 2009 | Results

I just landed a new client: a landscaper with revenues of $3.5 million and 25 employees. The lead came from the call center. Their problem is lack of revenue. During the 20 years they’ve been in business, the economy was generally terrific here in Metro-Denver and they relied on referrals to keep them going. Through obvious neglect of marketing to fill their pipeline, they’re now unable to pay the bills. Their once lofty position in the market as the place to get high end and high quality landscape designs has been diluted because of increased competition. I signed them up for $1,250 per month and we’ll be working on a USP/Guarantee, Tactical Marketing Plan, and Lean Manufacturing System. Eric Dombach, I want to share with you that by role playing with my wife I was able to execute the Complimentary Coaching System process you teach including “Personality Style Adaption, Pact Removal, Objection Handling, Positioning my Value” and I used lots of emotional questions seal the deal. I also suggested that one of the 2 partners reach into their own pocket to fund the coaching when they suggested that the company had no money, which I watched you do in a role play during boot camp. It worked perfectly for me and we start this week. Thanks!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~More good news! I just landed a roofing company as a client. This lead was also provided by the call center. I converted it into a Complementary Coaching Session and then into a paying client just like your system teaches us to do it. Total annual revenue is about $6.5 million. We’ll be working on a Cash Gap Plan and an Organizational Plan. He brought his general manager/controller to the CCS and the guy turned out to be a CPA with an MBA and a law degree from Penn! Of course he initially tried to intimidate me with his degrees and the fact that he worked as a trial lawyer for the IRS. However, after a few ego strokes and some objection handling techniques he became my biggest ally. Against my better judgment, I went away from the CCS with a “verbal” agreement and no check but they called the next day as promised with a completely unexpected question. The verbal agreement we made was for a coaching at $1,500 per month for 1 hour of coaching per week. But they wanted to know how much 3 hours of my time per week would cost! I told them that 3 hours of my time per week would cost $3,100 per month and they agreed. I had my first coaching session today and collected the first $3,100. In hindsight, I should have asked for more but I guess I was stunned by their request to INCREASE my fee!

Dave M., Business Coach, USA

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