How Sabrina Landed $9,900/Month From 6 Clients In Her First 30 Days!

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Business Coach Training

Today I want to share a story of courage and inspiration about a real-life business coaching rockstar.

Because I think we all need it. I know I do.

This morning I was talking with one of my business partners and I said, “I have a serious case of  bad-news-fatigue.” He agreed — he has it too.

How about you?

Bad news generates ad revenue for mainstream and social media companies. That’s why I’ve tuned them out — I get my news from other sources. But no matter where you turn, there’s just more bad news, conflict, anger.

And yet — there ARE good things happening in the world! And you and I can be a part of it.

So, here’s the story. I hope it inspires you!

Meet Real-Life Business Coaching Rockstar Sabrina Renée Kinckle

Last month, I had the privilege of meeting Sabrina Renée Kinckle, a very successful black and Hispanic businesswoman with experience in both small companies and large multinational corporations where she was responsible for revenue growth. She decided to take the plunge into full-time business coaching when a COVID-related down-sizing set her free.

When we met, Sabrina was looking for a structured business coaching model: a process for generating leads, winning and retaining clients, and the chance to connect with other coaches who could learn and grow together with access to an experienced coach who could mentor her and de-risk her journey. 

So she came onboard with Coaches’ coach in June and used our program exactly as it was created. Her goal was to land 2 business coaching clients in her first month and earn $250,000 in her first year.

Instead, she landed 6 new business coaching clients in her first month worth $9,900 per month in recurring revenue, an average of $1,650 per client. As this rate of growth, earning $250,000 will be a walk in the park for Sabrina.

You can watch the full interview on how she did it HERE.

Key Takeaways from Sabrina’s Experience

This is a story of courage and inspiration for a few reasons:

  1. If we’ve learned anything from the last couple weeks, it’s that black Americans don’t get treated fairly in the U.S.
  2. Sabrina is also a woman. By far and away, most small/mid-sized businesses in the U.S. are owned by white men.
  3. She started her practice right in the middle of the nastiest economic downturn since the Great Depression. There is no guarantee that this will be a V-shaped recovery. 

So, you’ve got a black and Hispanic woman starting a business coaching practice in a white male-dominated industry, in the middle of one of the scariest economic contractions in history!


If she can do it, perhaps you can too!

To get started, begin by studying the principles Sabrina employed to have such fantastic success. I’d suggest you start with our FREE ebook, Secrets of a Business Coaching Rockstar?

There's no magic bullet, but you CAN begin to learn the principles Sabrina employed to have such fantastic success.

Who knows…YOU might become the next real-life business coaching rockstar story we feature!

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