The Secret to Avoiding Problem Business Coaching Clients

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Business Coach Training

Do you struggle with the frustration of problem business coaching clients? You’re not alone. One of the hallmarks of my advice is that it’s vital to love your clients, but that can be tough sometimes. I had a chat recently with an old friend who was telling me about the problems he was having with many of his clients.

“They’re all tough b*stards”‘ he said. “They’ll screw me down over anything. Always trying to get something for nothing. Your thing about ‘loving your customers’ doesn’t work in my world. It’s dog eat dog.”

My friend is a lovely guy, but his “world” sounds like a terrible place to be.

And in my experience, you can choose whether to be in a world like that or not.

By that I don’t mean you can somehow change your mindset and the world will bend to your will (though I’ve definitely found that having a sunny outlook changes the way people react to you).

What I mean is that you can choose to take action to make sure you’re living in a world with great clients that are a pleasure to work with.

What to Do to Avoid Problem Business Coaching Clients

That action is to get good at lead generation. To have a steady flow of new potential clients coming into your business.

If you’re in a lead desert with very few leads, you basically have to work with whoever you can get. And sadly you’re going to end up with tough customers unless you’re lucky.

If you have a surplus of leads, significantly more potential clients than you could work with, then you get to pick and choose. You can focus on clients who are the very best fit for you and who you’re going to enjoy working with.

Simple in theory. But generating lots of high-quality leads isn’t easy. For many people, it’s the hardest part of marketing. That’s why they end up desperately negotiating and bargaining with the few leads they have to persuade them to become clients.

It’s a simple distinction, but it makes all the difference. More leads = more choice.

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