Six Simple Habits of Successful Business Coaches

by | Jun 1, 2021 | How to Become a Business Coach

Why is it that so many successful business coaches talk about building habits?

It’s because small habits make a huge impact.

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about the exponential impact of even tiny improvements. If you get just 1% better at something every day for a year, it creates a virtuous cycle that skyrockets growth.

The same isn’t true of deterioration, because even stagnation stagnates!

There is something uniquely powerful about small, incremental changes.

See the chart below for an incredible visualization of this powerful principle.

But what are the habits you should develop in order to become a successful business coach?

Here are six “atomic habits” for business coaches, divided into three basic categories, that will help you become who you want to be.


First, get your mindset right. This has to do with making sure you’re centered on what matters most. The chart below gives you two habits to master over the short-, medium-, and long-term.

The first has to do with setting your vision for yourself: what do you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it?

The second has to do with creating a relationship with your goals, starting by creating bite-sized, week-long goals that you actually achieve, and working from there with your forward momentum!


This second category has to do with making sure that you do enough of the right things. You can repeat all the affirmations in the world, but until you translate them into action, you won’t see much progress.

Your first habit is to master your calendar. The way you manage your time is the bedrock of all success!

The second habit is to learn how to set boundaries: that is, to determine which activities are non-negotiable, and to learn to stick with them, no matter what.


This third category has to do with the time and energy you spend investing in yourself to proactively get better. As a business coach, you are the product you’re selling! Your knowledge, your emotional intelligence, and your skills to help coach clients to the results they want. Thus, you need to create habits that will help you improve yourself.

The first habit in this category is that of reading regularly. The most successful people in the world, regardless of industry, have one thing in common: they read, they read, they read.

The second is to invest in yourself—your growth, your learning, your skills. You are worth the investment.

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