Social Media 101, Video 6: Joining In — Business Coach Training

by | Mar 26, 2016 | Business Coach Training

Good morning, team! Here’s Video 6 of our business coach training series on Social Media Marketing by Certified Coaches’ Coach Simon Meadows. Simon banks more than $20,000 USD per month and generates 78% of his leads from social media. In this seven-part business coach training series, Simon shows you exactly how he has developed his LinkedIn and Facebook accounts into his primary lead-generation strategy costing him just $350 per month and 3 hours per week.

In Video 6, Simon shows you how to pick your strongest hot button and start a conversation on your timeline or in a group, choose a tool to engage with social media, use the tool to have 1 conversation per day with your best prospects. You can’t afford to skip this training!

Remember, you can watch the entire 7-part course right now if you’re already a member of Coaches’ Coach — just log into our members only site from our home page. If you’re not a member yet, just enroll in a FREE 30 Day Trial of the Coaches’ Coach members only site. You’ll get access to our complete business coaching system, including customizable marketing campaigns, sales scripts, client training materials, business optimization modules, and more. Get your FREE 30-day trial here.

One of our members recently closed $1,500 in recurring monthly revenue after just 3 days with our system…think what that could mean for YOUR business!

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