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by | Mar 1, 2021 | Business Coach Training

One of the most effective ways to build your pipeline is the webinar—a tried and true strategy for adding value to your prospective clients and giving them a taste of how coaching will help them.

But how do you fill those webinars up?

Over the years, we’ve tested dozens of different marketing approaches, email sequences, and messages to drive webinar registrations.

Through trial and error, we’ve unlocked an 8-email sequence that fills our webinars time after time.

Want to swipe it?

Of course you do.

Buckle up.

Emails 1-5: Add Value

Your first step is to add value.

You do this by teaching—yes, right there, within the emails themselves. Send these out over a 2-4 week period before the webinar begins, one or two per week.

Don’t just tell people what you’re going to teach them if they register for the webinar; actually teach them. Whet their appetite. Make them glad they opened your email, regardless of whether or not they register.

Don't just tell people what you're going to teach them if they register for the webinar; actually teach them. Whet their appetite. Make them glad they opened your email, regardless of whether or not they register.

The teaching can be somewhere around 3-12 paragraphs. But make it impactful. Here’s an example from the Coaching Through Coronavirus webinar series we launched in March 2020, right as the pandemic was picking up steam:

Today, I want to help prepare you for what’s coming next, so you know how to advise your business-owner clients this week.

But first — here at Coaches’ Coach, we have a fascinating vantage point on COVID-19 and the recession because our global network of 6000+ coaches is feeding us info 24/7 on how SMBs are fairing. Thank you! We’re better together. On a personal note, I’m so grateful for how our global network of coaches are helping each other right now. It’s so inspiring! You can join the conversation here: www.coachescoachgroup.com 

SO, in each of the 3 recessions/crises I’ve been through over the last 20 years as a business coach, I’ve seen the same pattern unfold:


Please teach this model to your business-owner clients what to do in the coming weeks and months because they get to choose whether they Scale or Fail in this process. It all depends on the choices they’re making right now, with your help.

Shock: In the first few weeks of the crisis, we’re reeling from sensory overload, trying desperately to make sense of the craziness. It feels overwhelming as wave after wave of bad news just keep coming. What just happened?!

Adapt: Slowly we begin piecing together a coherent, rational perspective on what’s happening and how the new realities will irrevocably redefine our world in the near term. We begin developing a strategy to adapt our business to seize the opportunities before us.

Execute: Then we go to work. Long days and short nights. We communicate relentlessly with our team to steady their emotional state. Conversations with customers to add ever-more value and understand their new realities. We invest heavily to adapt or create new products/services from scratch at a furious pace, while right-sizing our expenses and conserving cash.

Scale/Fail: It’s a simple, inevitable reality that some businesses will begin to scale again on the back end of this crisis while others won’t make it. Those who dig deep, invest, adapt, and execute may survive. Many won’t. Their future is hanging in the balance right now.

And here’s where YOU as a business coach can change the world, one business, one family, one business-owner at a time! 

From where we sit, it seems that SMBs around the world have begun moving through Adapt and into Execute. Many of them will Fail because they won’t Adapt fast enough. Many of them won’t Execute effectively. They need your help to survive! They’re simply too close to their own situation to do it well.

Do you see what we did there? We provided a framework, a mental model, to help our coaches and their clients adapt to the disruption that had just descended. We provided insight, thought leadership, and encouragement—all for free.

And we didn’t just do it once. Like I said, we crafted five such emails, and each email had a different hook or insight. It takes some creativity and care to truly add value in an email, but the pay-off is worth it. Don’t skimp here.

Once you add value through solid teaching, pivot to pitching the webinar.

See what I mean in the transition below:

We want to help you as you help your clients. That’s why we’re doing something right now that we’ve never done before at Coaches’ Coach.

We’re doing FREE Weekly Group Coaching sessions each Monday!

Coaching Through Corona: How the World’s Top Business Coaches Are Helping Their Clients Survive and Scale Through This Crisis

Register HERE.

Then, create a list of heavy-hitting benefit bullets about why the webinar is not to be missed. Such as:

Here’s what we’re working on together each week:

How the coronavirus will impact small to midsize businesses around the world and how to get your clients ready for the next 6 to 18 months.

What the world’s rockstar business coaches are doing with their clients RIGHT NOW to help their clients weather this crisis and secure their own coaching engagements.

The #1, most frequently overlooked opportunity for every business owner in ANY crisis, and how you can help your business-owner clients seize this opportunity!

How to advise your business-owner clients if they are cash-flow positive now, but concerned about losing revenue OR if they’ve gone cash-flow negative and have begun to panic.

The top 10 ninja tricks you and your clients can use to create revenue and cash reserves in an economic down-turn.

How to quickly and easily help your business-owner clients get access to cash using asset-based credit line programs up to $2 million, invoice factoring, and equipment financing.

How to leverage our 5 Steps to Freedom framework and our 21 Silver Bullets to get your clients out of Chaos and back up to Control, and then onto Prosperity, even in the midst of a crisis.

Why the coronavirus is a massive opportunity to help your business-owner clients AND build your business coaching practice — IF you know what to do!

How to maintain the mindset of a leader not a follower, courage versus fear, confidence versus panic!

Finally, include a solid call to action—tell them exactly what to do.

These are no-nonsense, no-fluff group coaching sessions — hard-hitting, practical, and immediately useful content on how to help your clients survive and scale during this unprecedented global challenge.

Coaching Through Corona: How the World’s Top Business Coaches Are Helping Their Clients Survive and Scale Through This Crisis

Register HERE.

We want to help you to rock this crisis and keep you and your clients moving forward.

This is the time for our network of business coaches around the world to believe in themselves and the power of our profession. 

Let’s go team!

Email 6: “Tomorrow”

The day before the webinar, send a reminder. Don’t include teaching, just your list of benefits and two calls to action. The first call to action should be a link to register before your list of benefits, and the second should come after.

Yes, you can use the same bullet points as above.

Email 7: “Are You Joining, [Name]?”

Schedule this email to go out a few hours before the webinar begins. It should be short and sweet. No bullet points, just a simple prompt, like this:

Just hours to go before our FREE Weekly Group Coaching session!

We’re going to teach you the strategies and processes that have helped 1,000’s of business coaches and their clients beat the previous recessions.

Coaching Through Corona: How the World’s Top Business Coaches Are Helping Their Clients Survive and Scale Through This Crisis

Are you joining us?

Register HERE.

It’s time to add more value to existing clients and capture new clients!

Email #8: “If You Missed It

The day after the webinar happens, send a short, quick email that reiterates the offer you made at the end of the webinar (usually a complimentary coaching session) and includes this line:

“If you missed it, just email me back and I’ll give you the replay link.”

When somebody responds that they want the replay link, manually respond, “Sure! What’s your mobile number so we can follow up with you later?”

You’d be surprised at how many people will give it to you—and when they do, you have a new lead to plug into your telemarketing pipeline.

If they don’t respond within a day or so, I usually send the link along anyway: “Here it is, enjoy!”

Using this formula, you’ll be able to fill more webinars, follow up with more leads, close more clients, and coach more businesses. Enjoy!

For more rock star coaching strategies like this, check out our FREE ebook, Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star!

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