Swipe These Prospecting Emails

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Business Coaching Systems

Hate cold calling?

Yeah, me too.

(Actually, I don’t cold call anymore…I leave that to an outsourced firm these days.)

But even if you’re not in a place where you can hire a firm, there’s another way to generate warm leads from cold propsects.

Try email!

Email Still Works

Despite claims to the contrary, email still works.

People open, read, and respond to emails — especially when they come from a single person, not a mass broadcast.

And you can still use email effectively to touch base with cold prospects and warm them into interested leads.

Here’s a simple and effective email sequence my clients and I have used to generate sales from cold lists.

Email #1: Neutral and inquisitive

Subject line: speciality


What does your business specialize in?

The trick here is to be short, simple, and to the point — with a quick question that hopefully yields a quick response. Express interest in them and learning more about their resume. Don’t reveal yet if you’re a buyer or seller.

Email #2: The quick follow-up

When they respond, WAIT A DAY before hitting reply. Then say:


Thanks for connecting. What makes you different than others in your space?

Email #3: Sharp USP and reveal

When they reply (or if they don’t within three days), say this:


I ask because I’m a business coach — insert your one-sentence short bio. in the last XX years I’ve advised businesses just like yours. We’ve seen revenues grow from A to B and profits from Y to Z. Would you be open to chat about any of this?

Email #4: The invitation

If they are, shoot them back this quick message immediately:

Chat for 15 mins? Here’s my calendar: LINK

That’s it! You’ve gone from cold prospect to scheduled conversation in just four emails. And yes, it really does work! Give it a shot in your business and let me know the results.

And for more swipe-able strategies like this, get a FREE 30-day trial of our comprehensive business coaching system.

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