Three Ways to Specialize as a Business Coach

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Business Coaching Systems

If you’re struggling to attract business coaching clients, chances are good at least one factor is that your marketing is too generic. That is to say, you haven’t clearly and comprehensively defined your target audience. The fact of the matter is that you can’t be all things to all people; you need to specialize as a business coach so that you can send laser-targeted marketing messages that stand out in a crowded world.

There are three ways to specialize as a business coach. Here’s what they are–and how to choose the one that’s best for you.

The fact of the matter is that you can't be all things to all people; you need to specialize as a business coach so that you can send laser-targeted marketing messages that stand out in a crowded world.

Local Legend

First is what we call the “local legend” coach. This is someone who is focused on a particular geographic market, such as a metro area, state, or specific community. A local legend is a generalist–which isn’t to say you aren’t highly skilled! Rather, you work with companies of all types of industries if they fall within your geographic area. Typically, your clients will be local businesses, such as a plumbing company, a local media group, or a contractor.

Often, local legends make connections through in-person networking or “bold walking,” because they’re particularly effective in real-life conversations. You might even hold some sessions, retreats, or seminars in person, to provide a personal touch and experience. (Though be careful; time is your most valuable asset as a business coach. Don’t waste it driving to and from in-person meetings in a world in which Zoom exists!)

I started my career as a business coach as a local legend, and quickly grew my practice to employ several associate coaches and reach a 7-figure valuation. This is a great way to connect, add value, and become prominent in your local community.

Global Guru: The Industry Specialist

The next option is to become a “global guru” who specializes in a particular industry. This is an especially effective choice if you have experience in a specific market vertical–say tech start-ups or medical practices. For global gurus, your work is not location-dependent. You’ll work remotely, coaching clients pretty much exclusively on Zoom.

To find prospects, go to industry events, buy targeted mailing lists, and join industry-specific online communities. A solid website, complete with automated lead nurture processes and highly targeted content is extremely important for global gurus.

After selling my local legend business coaching firm, I shifted to becoming a “global guru”–that’s what the Coaches’ Coach is all about!

Global Guru: Competency-Based Specialist

Another way to specialize as a business coach is to market yourself as someone with a specific business competency, such as sales or operations. As with the industry specialist, you’ll work remotely, coaching clients via Zoom. The difference is that instead of targeting a specific industry, you work with companies in multiple industries that need targeted, intensive help in a major area of their business. This is a great option if you’ve had similar roles in various industries, such as sales director, chief operations officer, or accountant.

To find prospects, invest in search engine optimization and digital advertising so that you can capture leads when they’re searching for resources on your area of expertise. Digital marketing will be the name of the game for you.

Sales, marketing, operations, and finances are some of the most common competency-based specializations I’ve seen, and many of our clients have adopted this approach with incredible success.

Not sure how you should specialize? Our business coaching certification program walks you through the process of determining which makes the most sense in your case. Check it out to learn more!

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